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Food Hygiene RIPH

There are a number of organisations associated with food hygiene training in the United Kingdom including, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), the Royal Institute of Public Health (RIPH), the Royal Society of Health (RSH), the Society of Food Hygiene Technology (SOFHT) and the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS). Food Hygiene RIPH certificated training materials are listed at the RIPH website at:

The RIPH has been operating a system of assessment and certification of training material for over twelve years. To achieve Food Hygiene RIPH certification a specialist RIPH assessor will examine a training course in considerable detail. This assessment examines the aims and learning outcomes of the training pack. The training material must meet its supplier’s claims and any RIPH or national standards, where they are relevant. Food Hygiene RIPH certification will only be achieved if the training material is deemed to make a contribution to teaching aspects of health, hygiene and safety.

Training packs that hold a current RIPH Certificate may bear the RIPH Certification Logo as a mark of this certification. All certificated training materials must be reviewed annually to ensure that the material remains up-to-date.

When choosing a food hygiene training course the selection of training material with Food Hygiene RIPH certification has a number of advantages. Firstly, it means that you are using a training pack that has been independently assessed and should therefore be completely fit for purpose. Secondly, you can have the reassurance that the training material is up-to-date.

The Healthy Distance Basic Food Hygiene Course has received Food Hygiene RIPH certification each year since 2003. The course material in postal, CD ROM and online format carries the RIPH logo confirming the award of the Certificate of Quality and Merit. This is a guarantee of quality training material that is relevant to current food hygiene issues.