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Food Hygiene Online Course

Many food businesses find that arranging for their staff to complete food hygiene training can be difficult, inconvenient and expensive. Sending staff away for a day to attend a course may lead to them being short-handed and also having to incur travelling costs. This has led to many food businesses turning to a food hygiene online course.

Such courses have the advantage of allowing training to be carried out at work, at home or wherever there is a computer connected to the Internet. Staff can access such a course at a time both convenient to them and the business. This means that such a food hygiene online course is particularly cost effective for businesses with large numbers of staff to be trained. It is also ideal for one-person operations where the owner can complete the course away from the business premises in any spare time that is available. Many food operations staffed by volunteers also use such online training.

The number of food hygiene online courses has been growing in recent years and when selecting one, it is important to check that the quality of the training material has been independently verified. The Healthy Distance Online Basic Food Hygiene Course has been awarded the Certificate of Quality and Merit by the Royal Institute of Public Health (RIPH).

If they are to be used to train food handlers preparing open (unwrapped) high-risk foods, food hygiene online courses should be to an appropriate level. There are some food hygiene online courses that provide only “Essentials in Food Hygiene” training. This is the elementary instruction required before food handlers start work but it is inadequate for those preparing high-risk foods. The Healthy Distance Online Basic Food Hygiene Course has been set at a level suitable for those handling open (unwrapped) high-risk foods.

Another matter to consider when choosing an food hygiene online course is how easy it will be to contact the course provider should any difficulties be encountered, either with the content of the course or the website itself. In the case of the Healthy Distance Food Hygiene Online Course contact can be made with the course provider by both e-mail and telephone should any difficulties arise.

In 2006, Healthy Distance Limited introduced an online basic food hygiene course to add to its existing Postal and CD ROM courses. This range of Healthy Distance courses gives food businesses the opportunity to select the format that suits them best.