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Food Hygiene Course Postal

For small businesses facing the prospect of providing food hygiene training for their staff a Food Hygiene Course Postal can be of real value. No longer do they have to send their staff away for a whole day to a course elsewhere, leaving the business short-handed, only to discover that soon after training the staff leave. A Food Hygiene Course Postal can be studied at home or whenever there are a few spare minutes. It is much more convenient than a classroom based training course and it is probably cheaper too.

In particular, a distance learning postal course is often also ideal for one-person operations where the owner can complete the course away from the business premises in any spare time that is available. Many food operations staffed by volunteers also use such postal courses.

However, when selecting a Food Hygiene Course Postal it is important to check that the quality of the training material has been independently verified. The Healthy Distance Food Hygiene Course Postal has been awarded the Certificate of Quality and Merit by the Royal Institute of Public Health (RIPH) and is checked by the RIPH each year to ensure that it remains up-to-date.

Once enrolled on the Healthy Distance Food Hygiene Course Postal all the necessary course material will be received. The course is written in an interesting way, with plenty of pictures and diagrams to help gain an understanding of the subject. There are summaries of all the main points and each section includes a test, followed by answers, so that progress can be checked.

There is access to a tutor for advice if any parts of the course are found difficult. Successful completion of the two tutor marked tests results in the award of the Healthy Distance Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.