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Chinese Basic Food Hygiene Course

One of the problems encountered by Chinese food businesses is the difficulty in finding a suitable Chinese Basic Food Hygiene Course for their staff to attend. Many of those working in Chinese restaurants and takeaway food businesses do not speak English and so, to meet their training requirements, access to a Chinese Basic Food Hygiene Course is vital.

Although the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) have provided food hygiene test papers in Chinese for many years, this is of little assistance if courses in that language are so difficult to find.

Some local authorities do arrange occasional Chinese Basic Food Hygiene Courses, either employing Chinese trainers or translators but such arrangements are few and far between and are concentrated in the major cities of the United Kingdom. It can be very difficult to find a Chinese course convenient to small towns or rural areas.

One obvious answer to this dilemma is to provide a written Chinese Basic Food Hygiene Course that can be studied at home or at work, without the need to attend a Chinese training session elsewhere. Healthy Distance Limited have produced just such a course.

The Healthy Distance Chinese Basic Food Hygiene Course is a postal course that can be studied at home or whenever there are a few spare minutes at work. There is no need for staff to spend a whole day away from the business or for replacement staff to cover for those who are being trained.

Expertly translated by Yim Fong Leung into both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, the Healthy Distance Chinese Basic Food Hygiene Course is illustrated with colour diagrams, pictures and charts. A brief summary is given after every section to make sure that all the important points have been understood. Self-marked tests are included with the correct answers so that progress can be checked and there is access to a tutor for advice if any parts of the course are found difficult. Successful completion of the two tutor marked tests results in the award of the Healthy Distance Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.