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Basic Food Hygiene CD

For many food businesses the discovery that their staff can be trained using a Basic Food Hygiene CD will come as a blessing. No longer do they have to send their staff away for a whole day to a course elsewhere, leaving the business short-handed only to discover that soon after training the staff leave. Also, no longer does the training of part-time and temporary staff seem uneconomic. The use of a Basic Food Hygiene CD training course is both convenient and cost effective.

The use of a Basic Food Hygiene CD training course allows staff to study whenever they have a few spare minutes, continuing from the point they had previously reached. Many well known large food business use this type of computer-based training for their staff. CD ROMs produced by companies like Healthy Distance Limited mean that small and medium sized food businesses can take advantage of the benefits of Basic Food Hygiene CD training.

However, when selecting a Basic Food Hygiene CD it is important to check that the quality of the training material has been independently verified. The Healthy Distance Basic Food Hygiene CD Course has been awarded the Certificate of Quality and Merit by the Royal Institute of Public Health (RIPH).

The Healthy Distance Basic Food Hygiene CD is easy to complete and employees can learn at their own pace. To ensure that the information has been understood, there are a number of short tests set throughout the course. It is not possible to move to the next section of the course unless the earlier topics have been understood.

If the user has any difficulty understanding the course there is access to a tutor by phone, e-mail or post. At the end of the course a final test is taken and, to be successful the user must achieve a score of at least 20 correct answers out of a possible 30. All the questions in both the short intermediate tests and the final test are taken at random from a large database and so no two users will get the same set of questions.

Upon completion, the successful student can apply for a Food Hygiene Certificate, at a cost of £10, to note their achievement.