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Complete Food Safety Management System

Since January 2006, all food businesses are required to have a written food safety system based on HACCP principles.

HACCP Wise lets you quickly and easily develop a food safety management system that is specific to your business simply by following the on-screen instructions and answering Yes/No questions.

All necessary record forms are included, which can either be kept electronically or printed off for a paper-based system.

  1. Identification of Critical Control Points.
  2. Essentials of Food Hygiene.
  3. Staff Training & Sickness Records.
  4. Pre-Employment Questionnaire.
  5. Food Supplier Questionnaire.
  6. Cleaning Schedule.
  7. Audit Reporting.
  8. Reheated Food Monitoring.
  9. Cooling Records.
  10. Hot Food Temperatures.
  11. Cold Food Delivery.
  12. Hygiene Audit.

Price: £110.00 + VAT