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Healthy Distance is offering its bestselling food safety training and HACCP food safety management CDs in a special offer package.

For only £200.00 + VAT you can now purchase these 3 CDs;

  • Food Safety in Catering
  • Food Sfaety Management
  • HACCP Wise

This is a saving of nearly 40% on the normal purchase price of £330 +VAT.

Food Safety in Catering

Food Safety in Catering is a food safety training course that leads to the RIPH Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering. It fully meets Food Hygiene Regulations for food handler training throughout the UK.

The course is easy to follow and contains pictures, diagrams, and interactive examples, together with multiple choice tests at the end of each section.

How many staff can I train?

You can train as many staff as you like using this course. Just set up each person with their name and password.

How long does the course take?

The course includes all the subjects found in a normal 6 hour training course, although your staff may progress more quickly if the subjects are already familiar to them.

You can learn at your own pace over any period of time. Just log on when it is convenient and pick up from where you left off. There is no need to take a whole day off from work.

How do I pass the course?

Registered RIPH training centre

You need to pass each section test before you can proceed to the next section. Then take the final test at the end of the course to attain the RIPH Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering.

Healthy Distance is an approved RIPH Training Centre.

Do I get a certificate?

The results of the final test are sufficient evidence to any EHO that you have taken and passed the course. However, if you require a certificate then you can post the final test results to Healthy Distance. Healthy Distance will then produce a certificate in your name and post it back to you within 7 days. The cost of a certificate is £12.50 + VAT.

Can I manage my staff's progress?

There is management module within the programme which enables you to view the progress of your staff.

Food Safety Management

Since January 2006, all food businesses have been required to have a written food safety management system in place based on HACCP principles. In addition, the person in the business responsible for the food safety management system must have received adequate training in the application of HACCP procedures.

Our Food Safety Management training CD is a convenient and cost-effective training course for supervisors and managers in the implementation of HACCP based food safety management systems. It is a straightforward, interactive course with exercises and tests throughout.

There are separate study paths for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, so that no matter where in the UK you operate, the course will tell you all you need to know.

"I think the Healthy Distance Food Safety Management Course will be very useful for the food industry. I will certainly recommend it."

Madeleine Smith, Teaching Fellow, Food Safety, University of Birmingham


HACCP Wise lets you meet the business requirement to have a written food safety management system in place based on HACCP principles.

HACCP Wise lets you quickly and easily develop a food safety management system that is specific to your business simply by following the on-screen instructions and answering Yes/No questions.

All necessary record forms are included, which can either be kept electronically or printed off for a paper-based system.

The HACCP Wise record forms included are;

Food Safety Pack
  1. Identification of Critical Control Points.
  2. Essentials of Food Hygiene
  3. Staff Training and Sickness Records
  4. Pre-Employment Questionnaire
  5. Food Supplier QUestionnaire
  6. Cleaning Schedule
  7. Audit Reporting
  8. Reheated Food Monitoring
  9. Cooling Schedules
  10. Hot Food Temperatures
  11. Cold Food Delievery
  12. Hygiene Audit