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Food Safety in Catering

Cost-Effective, Convenient Food Safety Training

Train as many people as you want for £110.00.

Meet All Your Food Safety Training Requirements
Level 2 Food Hygiene Training

Food Safety in Catering is a level 2 food safety training course that fully meets Food Hygiene Regulations for food handler training throughout the UK.

A straightforward food hygiene course, containing pictures, diagrams, and interactive examples, together with multiple choice tests at the end of each section, this course is suitable for study leading to the RIPH Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering.

Convenient and Cost-Effective
Level 2 Food Hygiene Training

Train when it is convenient to you, rather than taking a whole day off form work. Log on to the course, and learn at your own pace over any period of time.

Designed to include all subjects included in a traditional 6 hour training course, this CD will give you all the information you and your staff need to work using the highest levels of food hygiene.


Train as many people as you want for a one-off cost of £110 + VAT.

Try The Course For Nothing

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You can work through the first part of the Food Safety in Catering course and if it is not what you are looking for, then pass it on to someone else or throw it away; you will owe us nothing. If it is right for you, register the CD and pay £110 + VAT and in future Food Hygiene Training with a certificate will only cost £12.50 + VAT per person. Click on the button below.